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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Teacher - 5th Grade03/24/2020CertifiedCortina ElementaryApply
Teacher - Art03/23/2020CertifiedChaparral ElementaryApply
Teacher - Kindergarten03/23/2020CertifiedHigley Traditional AcademyApply
Teacher - 4th Grade03/23/2020CertifiedHigley Traditional AcademyApply
Grounds & Landscape Specialist I03/23/2020ClassifiedSupport ServicesApply
Teacher - Language Arts (Middle School)03/23/2020CertifiedCooley Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - Math (Middle School) 20/21 SY03/23/2020CertifiedCooley Middle SchoolApply
Teacher on Special Assignment - Instructional Coach - Secondary Math03/18/2020CertifiedEducational ServicesApply
District Office Receptionist03/10/2020ClassifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Teacher - Science (High School) 20/21SY03/10/2020CertifiedHigley High SchoolApply
Teacher on Special Assignment - Math Interventionist03/10/2020CertifiedSossaman Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - SpEd03/10/2020CertifiedHigley High SchoolApply
Teacher - 4th Grade03/10/2020CertifiedPower Ranch ElementaryApply
Teacher - SpEd (Cross Cat) 2020-2021 SY03/10/2020CertifiedChaparral ElementaryApply
Parent Liaison03/10/2020ClassifiedChaparral ElementaryApply
Custodian (Full-Time)03/10/2020ClassifiedGateway Pointe ElementaryApply
Instructional Paraeducator - SpEd03/10/2020ClassifiedCoronado ElementaryApply
Teacher on Special Assignment - Title I Math Interventionist03/10/2020CertifiedChaparral ElementaryApply
Lunch Aide03/10/2020ClassifiedCooley Middle SchoolApply
Program Outreach Specialist03/09/2020ClassifiedHuman ResourcesApply
Instructional Paraeducator II - Preschool SpEd03/09/2020ClassifiedSossaman Early Childhood Development CenterApply
School Counselor03/06/2020CertifiedHigley High SchoolApply
Dean of Students (INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY) 20/21 SY03/06/2020District AdministrativeHigley High SchoolApply
Dean of Students (INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY) 20/21 SY03/06/2020District AdministrativeChaparral ElementaryApply
Dean of Students (INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY) 20/21 SY03/06/2020District AdministrativeCooley Middle SchoolApply
Dean of Students (INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY) 20/21 SY03/06/2020District AdministrativeWilliams Field High SchoolApply
Teacher - 4th Grade03/05/2020CertifiedCortina ElementaryApply
Instructional Paraeducator I - Kinder Prep03/05/2020ClassifiedSossaman Early Childhood Development CenterApply
Instructional Paraeducator I - SpEd03/05/2020ClassifiedHigley High SchoolApply
Teacher - Math (High School)03/05/2020CertifiedHigley High SchoolApply
Teacher - Music (Tenative) 20/21 SY03/05/2020CertifiedCoronado ElementaryApply
Occupational Therapist (20/21SY)03/05/2020CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
Speech Language Pathologist (Part-Time) 2020/2021 SY03/05/2020CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
School Psychologist - 2020/2021 SY03/05/2020CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
Teacher - Preschool 20/21 SY03/02/2020CertifiedCooley Early Childhood Development CenterApply
Teacher - English (High School) 20/21 SY03/02/2020CertifiedWilliams Field High SchoolApply
Instructional Paraeducator - Brilliant Beginnings03/02/2020ClassifiedCooley Early Childhood Development CenterApply
Teacher - 1st Grade 20/21 SY02/27/2020CertifiedHigley Traditional AcademyApply
Teacher - SpEd Preschool 20/21 SY02/27/2020CertifiedCooley Early Childhood Development CenterApply
Teacher - Kindergarten 20/21 SY02/26/2020CertifiedCoronado ElementaryApply
Teacher - 6th Grade 20/21 SY02/26/2020CertifiedChaparral ElementaryApply
Crossing Guard02/25/2020ClassifiedPower Ranch ElementaryApply
Instructional Paraeducator I - SpEd02/25/2020ClassifiedPower Ranch ElementaryApply
Teacher - 6th Grade02/25/2020CertifiedCortina ElementaryApply
Instructional Paraeducator - SpEd02/24/2020ClassifiedCooley Middle SchoolApply
Teacher - 4th Grade (2020 - 2021 SY)02/24/2020CertifiedSan Tan ElementaryApply
Teacher - History (High School) 20/21 SY02/24/2020CertifiedWilliams Field High SchoolApply
Teacher - SpEd02/24/2020CertifiedCentennial ElementaryApply
Instructional Paraeducator II - Transition (2020/2021 SY)02/20/2020ClassifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply
SpEd Teacher (High School) Transition Teacher02/20/2020CertifiedSpecial Education DepartmentApply